Canadian dance club Torontonians flock to new dance club, a mix of old and new

The Toronto District Dance Festival is returning to the city’s downtown this fall with a new mix of the old and the new.

The festival is slated to return in the fall with music by the same group of Canadians who created the dance music craze in the 80s.

The new Toronto District Dancers are a mix between the original and the newer dance acts, said event co-ordinator Katie Riebel.

They are all local to Toronto.

The main difference this time is the venue.

The old club was on King St. near College St., while the new venue is on University Avenue at Spadina Ave.

The new dance floor is bigger and has more of a sound system and a bigger sound system that will play more of the dance, Riebal said.

The dance hall is the brainchild of former Toronto Police chief Brian Toews, who wanted to have a more intimate and intimate feel to the festival.

“There was no reason why we couldn’t have the same vibe and feel as when you go to a big club,” Riebles said.

She said that means the dance floor will be more intimate, like a dance club.

The idea of a dance hall came from the former chief to the former police chief, to help him work through the problems that had been plaguing the Toronto Police Department, she said.

Riebel said the main focus is on dance, but there will also be music.

“We have a lot of new artists, and a lot more than just dance,” she said, adding that the music will be from the past.

Reebles is looking forward to having new acts come to the event.

“I’ve been involved with this dance scene since I was 12 years old,” she told The Globe and Mail.

“It’s really cool.

I’m very excited to see what this new lineup has in store for us.”

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