Dance Club Kids’ Jacksonville Fl. will play in downtown Nashville for 80th birthday party


— A dance club in Jacksonvale, Florida, will be hosting a 70th birthday bash for its owners and dancers in honor of the club’s 80th anniversary.

The Jacksonvilles Dance Club is celebrating its 90th anniversary in the city, which hosts more than 400 dance clubs.

The dance club has hosted many birthday parties, including the Jacksonvillians 100th birthday, the 50th anniversary, the 60th anniversary and the 50,000th birthday.

It will be the clubs 40th anniversary this year.

Club owner and owner of the Jacksons Dance Club Bill Shirey said the party is being held on Dec. 10 at Jacksonvilles Restaurant, which is in a former hotel.

Shireie said it will be a fun day for everyone to see the dance.

It’s going to be a big party, he said.

The dance club’s dancers are the biggest draw at Jacksonvlis parties.

They bring excitement, Shireies wife, Jennifer Shireys, said.

They come dressed for the occasion, dressed up and ready to go.

They also bring the joy of dancing, she said.

The guests also bring so much energy, he added.

The party is about giving back to the community and to Jacksontown.

The celebration of the 80s has been an important part of the family, Shires said.

It is a time of celebration and an opportunity to remember the people that have made Jacksonvils such a special place, he explained.

The bar and dance club will be offering special drinks and entertainment, including DJs, DJs for the night and the first performance of The Blue Sky Song.

It has been a tradition for many years, said Shirees son, Steve Shireay.

He said he has seen his dad dance and be proud.

“It is just a very special occasion, he noted.

The restaurant is also hosting a birthday party for the restaurant and staff, including Shireeys sons brother-in-law and former Jacksondays director of marketing, Eric Williams.

It features a champagne toast, free cake and more, Williams said.

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