Dance Club Moves: Dancing at the Lap Dance Club

This is a list of dances from the lap dance club in San Diego, CA.

Click on the links to view a gallery of the dances.

The dances in this gallery are of a dance club at the corner of the street that is known for their lap dances.

If you have an idea for a lap dance dance that we missed, or a lap dancer that you would like to share, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

If the dancer is not from here, you can find their name and contact information at the bottom of this article.

If this is your first lap dance experience, or if you are new to lap dancing, then you are in luck!

The dance club is located at the intersection of Washington Street and South Van Ness Avenue in San Jose, CA, on the corner with the famous “San Jose Strip” sign.

If looking for a good lap dance in San Francisco, check out the following lap dance clubs.

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