Dancers are not allowed to dance with the pole dancer at the pole dance club

Dancers from the pole dancing club have been asked to keep their heads down and not engage in any dancing activities in the club, despite the fact that they were dancing with the man they had been dating for more than two months.

The club, which is located in Panchkula, was established by the couple, Vikraman and Preeti, who started dating in June last year.

The couple are reportedly the parents of two daughters.

But when the couple met in May last year, they went out on dates without any dance lessons.

“Vikraman, a dancer, who has also a bachelor degree in dance from the Deccan College of Dance, went to the club on May 19 to see Preetis dancing,” a club spokesperson told NDTV.

The club’s rules say that the two can not go to the dance hall, but must remain in their rooms and wait in their respective rooms.

However, the rules do not mention whether they must be accompanied by an accompanying dancer.

“There was no communication between the two about whether the dancers would be accompanied.

But they were not asked to do anything.

It was very unfortunate,” said one of the dancers, who asked not to be named.

“At that time, Preetiya was not a dancer.

But in the last few months, she started dancing with Vikramas son, who was a pole dancer.

It’s very disappointing that they are doing this without informing us,” the dancer added.

Vikram was a part of the dance troupe that was part of an official programme organised by the dance college for the ladies of the city.

The choreographer for the programme, Vikamal Pandey, said he had invited them for their programme to perform with the ladies, who are also part of Panchkishankar Balas, a dance troupy from the city, for their birthday celebrations on May 22.

The dancers had been in a relationship for nearly a year and had gone out on various dates with the couple.

But Vikram, a resident of Dhanbad, was not one of them.

“I was not involved in any of the events organised by Panchkshankar.

I went to see the dancers for their last programme,” Pandey said.

The dancers were invited to perform for a dance class organised by Deccas college of dance in March.

They had gone on several dates with Vikas son but, on one occasion, the boy was asked to go out for a night in Pune.

The dancer, though, declined.

“When we went to Pune to perform, the couple was not aware of it.

They did not have any plans of going to any other events,” Pande said.

“We didn’t even ask them to dance in front of the camera or to sing.

They just walked away,” he said.

The two have been in an intimate relationship since August.

But after their relationship ended, the dancing troupe started a campaign against the couple on social media.

“Since this couple has been dating, they have started a petition to have the dancer banned from dancing at the club,” Pandew said.

He said that the couple were not even aware of the rules against the dancers.

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