Dancing club owners ‘disappointed’ by NSW election result

More than a dozen dance clubs across the state have decided to close their doors for good amid uncertainty about the state’s upcoming federal election.

Key points:Dancing clubs across Australia are being forced to close as the election campaign approachesThe closures have sparked concerns about job securityDancers have been urged to be proactive about finding jobs after the results of the state election were announcedDancers and their supporters are expressing their support for the Liberal Party at a protest in Sydney todayThe decision comes after the NSW Labor Party announced it would support the Coalition for the last four years of its premiership.

The Liberal Party of NSW confirmed today it had made the announcement and said it would now look to secure the support of businesses in the state to ensure the state remains open for business.

“I know many of our business partners are working hard to get through this challenging time,” Liberal Party NSW spokesman Peter Wright said in a statement.

“The state will always be open for businesses to thrive, and I am confident that in the days ahead, the party will work hard to support businesses across NSW.”

Dancers are facing a number of hurdles when it comes to finding a job after the election result was announced, including uncertainty about their future after the state went to the polls in the last fortnight.

The Labor Party will support the Federal Government for the next four yearsDancers who have been working for years have said they have not been able to find work as they wait to find out whether they will be able to secure a job in the future.

“It’s been a really tough year, I’ve been unemployed for a couple of years,” Darryl Smith said.

“But at the end of the day, I just want to be able for my daughter to go to school.”

A dance club owner in Sydney, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was “disappointed” by the result of the election, saying his business was “frozen” and that the business could not afford to continue working for the party.

“When we announced we would be closing, we thought we would get some work done and then we had to shut the club down,” he said.

Darryl said he had been unemployed since 2008 and that his business, The Dance Centre, had not been in good shape.

“A couple of weeks ago, we had an operation and a new owner came in, and we didn’t have a whole lot of cash in the bank,” he told 7.30.

“We had a few months of income before we shut down.”

He said his business could no longer afford to hire people, and that it was “a huge issue”.

“It was a difficult time for our staff,” he added.

“Everyone has to make decisions for themselves.”

The Dance Centre is one of several venues across the city to shut downDarryls closing of the venue will not affect anyone who has been working at the venue for more than a year.

“Our staff are going to be here for a while,” he explained.

“Some of them are going through retirement and some of them have other things to do and that’s going to take a while.”

Darryll said he hoped that the closure would not affect the business that he was a part of, and the members of the community that he knew.

“All of us have been doing this for the past 10 years and there’s a lot of great people that work here, there’s great people in this community that live here,” he continued.

“There’s not a lot that they’re going to lose out on.”

The dance club owners are urging the community to make sure they do not lose out financially when the party loses power.

“If you go to any of these dance clubs and you see people doing this [dancing], they’re probably feeling very, very nervous about what’s going on, but the truth is, this is the last thing we’re doing, and so we’re going about it the right way,” Mr Smith said of the closure.

“People are going about this really, really slowly, but hopefully we’ll be able have some more jobs for the dance clubs as well.”

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