Dancing clubs in Seattle ‘dancing out’ after Trump’s inauguration

Seattle is celebrating the election of President Donald Trump with dance clubs, concerts and even a new mascot.

But a year after a tumultuous election campaign, dance clubs in the city have not been shy about their disapproval.

In a letter to the Seattle City Council, a group of dance clubs warned that “Trump will continue to restrict freedoms and freedoms of the LGBT community, and will continue undermining public safety by inciting hate and violence.”

The Seattle Pride Center also expressed its concerns, saying that the new administration would “have the ability to further stigmatize our community” and that it was “deeply concerned about the negative impact of the president’s agenda.”

Seattle’s LGBT community has long been a vocal target of Trump’s rhetoric and policies, including his executive order barring federal funding for cities that don’t protect LGBTQ people from discrimination.

Many of the cities impacted by Trump’s order have been among the largest in the nation for the number of LGBTQ people who are killed in the US each year.

The new president has vowed to reverse the order.

The Seattle club letter was signed by several local LGBT leaders and members of the Pride Center, which represents more than 1,000 Seattle-area LGBT organizations.

It said that the dance clubs were “in the process of finding a permanent home,” but that they “are not the only LGBTQ organizations in Seattle who are facing the potential of loss of funding and employment due to the impact of Trump.”

A Seattle Pride spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the clubs are still considering a move, but that it would be “inappropriate” for the Seattle Pride Association to comment on the letter until the club’s new permanent home is finalized.

A spokesman for Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who has been a Trump critic during his term, said in a statement that Murray and his administration are “working hard to ensure Seattle’s vibrant LGBTQ community can continue to thrive.”

The mayor’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The letter comes amid rising fears in the LGBT-rights movement over the president-elect’s plans for a transgender military ban and his plans to reverse Obama-era efforts to combat homophobia.

Trump has said he wants to make it easier for transgender people to serve in the military.

Murray has said that Trump would be wise to work with Democrats in Congress to pass legislation to protect transgender people.

Trump’s transition team has not yet responded to the letter.

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