‘Golf club’ to open in Canada’s capital in 2020

A golf club in Canada has been named the best in the country for its quality of life, according to a new ranking by Forbes.

The magazine, which uses its annual ranking of the 50 best cities for business, named the Toronto Golf Club, located in Scarborough, the winner of the year-end edition.

“The Scarborough Golf Club is an iconic golf destination with a world-class golf course and community for all ages and abilities,” said Forbes, which was founded in 1899.

“This award recognises the world-renowned golf facilities, the community-driven, high-quality education and culture that are the hallmark of the Scarborough community, which is a magnet for young professionals and professionals who love the outdoors.”

Its a community that has been the envy of the world.

“The Toronto Golf Course (TGC) features a range of facilities, including a four-and-a-half-hole course, a 12-hole golf course, and a 22-hole par-3 course.

The club also has a golf academy and is a regular fixture at the Canadian Open, the world’s biggest golf tournament.”

It’s a wonderful example of a community with a large, dedicated workforce who love and appreciate the outdoors,” said TGC CEO and general manager Peter Lutz.”

We see the golf course as a way to engage young people in the outdoors, as well as connect them with other people and organizations who share their values and interest.

“The golf club’s facilities are all designed by Toronto’s famed architect Michael Alder.

It’s also a popular tourist destination, with over 1.3 million visitors a year.

The Scarborough golf course also has two outdoor recreational courses, as part of a two-acre park.

The TGC is located in a prime waterfront location in Scarborough.

It is part of the city’s vibrant and multicultural heritage, with more than 1,400 kilometres of waterfront trails and more than 100 kilometres of walking trails.

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