How the Toronto Disco Came to Live in the 80s

A young dance music star in Toronto named Kim Kelly had her first hit, “Dance” by a band called the Blue and Gold, which sold out arenas in the U.S. and Canada.

Her popularity led to the band’s first album, “The Blue and Green,” and a second album, the debut single “Pussycat.”

She was signed to Def Jam, and in 1997, the band signed her to their label, Universal Music.

But things went awry after the release of “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I had a very bad breakup,” Kelly says, “and that really impacted me.

I was really hurt, I really was hurt.”

In 2000, Kelly signed to Capitol Records, but it wasn’t long before the label decided to split Kelly from her band.

“They just wanted me to go back to Def Leppard and I didn’t have the guts to go there,” Kelly tells me.

“I was really scared, so I just went back to the house.

I’m in a house with this woman who’s like, ‘Do you have any money?’

I’m like, yeah, I do.”

Kelly, who is now 34, says the relationship with Def Leeson is a story that’s still fresh in her mind.

“It was a very strange time for me,” she says.

“And it was one of the most stressful times I’ve ever had in my life.”

Kelly says she and her new label, Capitol, decided to go ahead with a tour to promote their new album.

She says the tour was meant to show Def Leesons popularity, but that Def Leeksons tour manager “was like, this is not going to happen.

This is not gonna happen.”

“We just did it because we love Def Leerons,” Kelly recalls.

“He was just the one who said it was happening.

It’s not like it’s his fault or anything.

It just wasn’t gonna happen.

I mean, he was just trying to put the band on the map.

It was a lot of fun, but I just couldn’t do it.

I had to let him go.”

Kelly also says that the tour manager didn’t want to work with her, because she didn’t belong to DefLeppard.

Kelly says that DefLeesons manager was her first love, and that he was “the nicest person I ever met.”

“Def Leesonson, he had a really good personality, he wasn’t a show off.

He was just an amazing person,” Kelly remembers.

“So he really loved me.

It hurt.

I really hurt.

It took a lot for me to be able to go through that.

And then it was over.”

But when Kelly got to the end of the tour, Def Leestons manager and her manager had a falling out.

Kelly and Def Leeseons manager met again in a hotel room, and Kelly says the manager “gave me a big hug and said, ‘Don’t ever tell anyone that I loved you.

Don’t ever mention that.’

And I’m not saying that.

But he was the nicest, most down-to-earth person I’ve met.

And that’s the way it was.”

Kelly left Def Leagues to become the singer of the pop band The Belly, which featured singer and songwriter Jody Arias.

Arias and Kelly have been friends for years.

“When Jody and I met, we just fell in love,” Kelly explains.

“We had just done a tour together, and I went out to dinner and he just came in and we were like, we’re going to be friends.

We’re going together.

We did a lot.

I love Jody.

I just felt like I needed to make it work.

And he’s like this amazing, funny guy.

He’s just a really fun guy.

We just clicked.

And it’s been really good.

And we’re on the road now.”

After a couple years of making music together, Kelly says they made the decision to reunite and make their first music video together.

“The Belly,” which was directed by Ryan Coogler, premiered at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Kelly also made an appearance on the short-lived series The Talk, which starred former Nickelodeon exec Jim Rash.

Kelly has worked with Rash on a number of projects, including “The Show.”

“That’s a show I really respect, and there’s a lot that I do with him, so it’s nice to have him on that show,” Kelly told MTV News.

“But I’m definitely still doing my own thing, so he’s gonna be my main guy on The Talk.”

Kelly tells us that Rash was the only one who could make her feel comfortable to do the music video.

“Jim Rash was just such a big influence on me,” Kelly

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