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Next Big Generation, which has played to sold-out crowds at some of the country’s biggest venues since 2013, released its sophomore album, The Great Divide, earlier this year.

The album marks the band’s return to form following a hiatus following the death of singer Tyler Joseph last year.

“The Great Divide” is the second new album from the band, following 2013’s American Dream, which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

The two songs on the new album are “Flesh and Fire,” which was released during the album’s U.S. tour and was nominated for three Grammys, and “A Different Kind of Love,” which featured a song from the album called “Love Is Blind.”

Next Big Genetures third studio album, Love Is Blind, also debuted at No .2 on the U.K. album chart.

The band has been busy touring and recording new material, and its return to the U of T is also a welcome change after an extended hiatus following Tyler Joseph’s death.

“There’s a new vibe and a new energy,” said guitarist Josh McBride.

“It’s not a ‘We’re back’ moment anymore.

We feel like we’re at a new stage in our careers.

I think the show has evolved from a small, fun-filled set to a very serious and focused set.”

The band’s tour has been filled with shows in Canada, Europe, and the U

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