How to buy dance clubs and bars in New Jersey

N.J. dance clubs are on the rise and are getting bigger.

Now, you may be wondering, where do you go to get your dance fix?

With a plethora of places to go, here’s a look at some of the best places to dance and chill.


The New Jersey Dance Club.

Located at 801 East Orange Street, the New Jersey dance club offers a unique, yet intimate atmosphere.

With a large dance floor, large TVs, and multiple stages, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with friends or for a big night out.


The N-E-C-T Dance Club in the Park.

Located in the back corner of a beautiful park, the N-EC-T is an excellent spot for a little chill in the park or in the backyard.


New Jersey Live in the Grove.

Located on Route 1 in Woodbury, the venue offers a wide range of dance options and live music.


The Electric House in the Heights.

This venue offers both dance and live entertainment.

The dance floor has a giant screen and a bar that has an impressive lineup of music.


The Vogue Lounge.

This dance club is the perfect place for a late night getaway or a few cocktails with friends.


New Brunswick’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Room.

Located just steps from the iconic Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, this venue is home to a large collection of vintage instruments.


The House of Blues in West New York.

Located right next door to the famous Roxy Music Hall, this dance club has a wide selection of live music that is sure to draw in the crowd.


The Rock ‘O’lanthine Lounge in Westfield.

Located near the Westfield Mall, this club features live music by the likes of Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams, and more.


The Roxy Lounge in New Brunswick.

This club has the perfect mix of live and dance music.

The bar and stage are in the same location, so there is a great view of the Atlantic Ocean from the bar.


The Pianist Lounge in Stowe.

Located across from the historic Stowe Armory, this small venue offers music from the likes Of Monsters and Men, David Bowie, and a full orchestra.


The Black Cat in Westlake.

This lounge offers live music from artists such as The Prodigy, David Guetta, and T.I. Live performances and live theater are available.


The Beach House in Seaside Park.

This small dance club in Seasport offers a large selection of events and dancing.


The Woodstock Lounge in Woodland Hills.

This music venue has a large variety of events, such as live music, DJs, and dancing, that will make the entire night extra special.


The Tijuana Dance Bar in the Hudson River Valley.

Located adjacent to the Atlantic Avenue bridge, this bar offers live performances from bands such as Mariah Carey, Zara Larsson, and Pharrell.


The Garden Club in Fort Lee.

This intimate, intimate venue offers live and a variety of music from DJs, artists, and dance groups.


The River City Bar in Trenton.

Located next to the Rutgers University football stadium, this intimate, club offers live entertainment from the NJS Opera House, as well as a small stage.


The Old Town in New York City.

Located off of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this space offers a variety, including live music and dance performances.


The Blueberry Kitchen in Fort Myers.

Located inside the legendary Blueberry restaurant, this restaurant serves up a delicious menu of New York State Farm-style baked goods and pies.


The Staggers Bar in Port Charlotte.

Located between Port Charlotte’s Downtown and the Port Charlotte Art Museum, the Stagers Bar is a destination for live music lovers.


The Spinning Wheel in Rockaway Beach.

This spot is a perfect spot for live entertainment, as there is an entire stage inside the venue, making it a perfect venue for an evening out.


The Theta House in Woodbridge.

Located close to the Fort Bragg military installation, this location offers a good mix of food, live music as well, and an extensive cocktail list.


The Belly Dancing Lounge in Ocean City.

This outdoor dance floor is a favorite among the people of the area, which makes this place a great spot for an intimate experience.


The Mambo Room in New Bedford.

Located around the corner from the Fort Buford military installation on Main Street, this popular spot is one of the more unique places to come in the area.


The Dance Floor in Rockville.

Located a short walk from the University of Maryland, this nightclub offers live performance from acts such as Pharrell, Phreak, and many more.


The D-Street Cafe in

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