How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Classic Dance Club

There are many classic dance clubs in the area.

One of my favorites is the Dance Club at the Pleasure Island.

You can find it at the end of the block on the west side of the island.

The dance club is known for its live entertainment.

They have everything from live music to dance classes to DJ sets.

But if you like to be outside, you can also head over to the popular Happy Place on the island for your own fun.

The Happy Place is a fun little park with lots of swings, a mini-golf course and a fun pool with hot tubs.

You’ll find a lot of family fun and activities for kids, like a playground with a swing set, a slide-out play area and more.

There are a lot more clubs in Orange County, so there’s no need to choose a one-stop shop.

But I’ve compiled a list of places to go in Orange and Orange County for fun.

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