How to celebrate the arrival of the new year with penguins dance song

By The BBC’s Jonathan HillmanBBC News MagazineOne of the biggest celebrations for penguins is the return of the New Year’s Day parade.

But the penguins have to keep their toes in line and keep their heads down.

Join us for this festive tradition.

As the weather warms, the penguin dance song begins.

The song, which is a traditional dance song, is played in all the penguinian species and features a group of penguin dancers who each dance around a large platform, like a circus.

The penguins start the dance by jumping into the water.

They then move towards the platform and dive into the air, to a low pitched, low-pitched, low pitched music that sounds like it’s coming from a rock band.

Then, after a few minutes, they leap back into the sea.

The group dances around the platform again.

After another few minutes of dancing, the group jumps into the same water, and dances for another minute.

This is the penguining dance song.

Watch it live on BBC One on New Year DayThe penguin dancing is a classic, as are the penguines songs, such as ‘Rabid’, which is also played in the Antarctic.

The song is sung by the penguine team in order to signal the arrival on New Years Day.

This time, the song is a bit more upbeat, and the penguiners take a break to catch their breath before returning to the platform.

The BBC says that the penguians have been singing the song for over 200 years.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has recorded more than 150 penguins singing the penguiner dance song over the past 100 years.

You can also catch a glimpse of penguins dancing on the ground during the parade, which starts at about 6:30am on New YEARS day.

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