How to dance like a DJ at Stratus Dance Club in Kansas City

I had the chance to meet the owners of Stratus dance clubs, and it was really cool.

Their dance routine is totally different from any other club in the city, which is great.

If you’re looking for a place to dance, Stratus should be on your list.

The dance music is a mix of hip-hop and R&b, and the dancers wear bright blue, white, and red.

They are always happy to dance with you, even if you don’t have a dance partner.

Stratus is also a destination for dancers to hang out and meet new people.

If your dance routine includes a dance, you’ll find them here.

They’re also open from 8am-10pm every day of the year.

They offer dance classes, which are free for students, and they also offer classes in dance, karaoke, and improv.

They have a clubhouse for parties of all kinds, and there are dance classes for the whole family.

Stratois Dance Club offers an excellent selection of music, including hip-hops, R&b, soul, RnB, and dance.

They also have a full kitchen and bar.

They even have a large lounge for dancing.

Stratos dance clubs are located at 1125 Main St. and they have a Facebook page where you can see the latest news about the club.

They opened in 2012 and now have around 700 members.

They started out with only two dance classes but now have four.

You can also book your own classes online or in person at their door.

They host parties every other week, and you can book for them on Mondays through Fridays, but it’s not a regular schedule.

The club is open from 9am to 8pm on weekdays.

I had an awesome time dancing with them.

The vibe of the place is fun and friendly, and I found it very inviting.

If Stratus has anything to say about dance, it’s that you need to be comfortable.

If the dancers are dancing, you should be too.

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