How to get the best dance clubs in the Boston area

There are plenty of dancing clubs in Boston, but what do you get when you take a trip to some of the city’s most vibrant dance-loving neighborhoods?

Well, that’s what I did last weekend, when I visited Stratus Dance Club and Myrtle Beach Dance Club.

I took my friends and I to the former, and we were all able to grab a dance with a lot of other Bostonites.

I’ll share the pictures from our time at the dance clubs below.

Stratus Dance club is in the heart of Boston’s trendy, trendy neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, Dorchester, Doraville and the Dorchester/Cambridge area.

It’s not a large club, but there are lots of rooms to dance in and lots of people to dance with.

I got to experience this first-hand with my friends, who were very into the house style, which was something I hadn’t really experienced before.

The dance floors were full of people from all walks of life, from dance-lovers to casuals, dancers to people who were just curious about the dance, and people who didn’t want to dance but wanted to see the people around them dancing.

Stratus, a former member of the Red House Band, was a founding member of Stratus dance team.

Myrtle dance club is the oldest dance club in the city.

Founded in 1903, Myrle Dance Club is one of the oldest, oldest and most respected dance clubs to be based in Boston.

The club is one block from the Stratus Square and a block from Myrule Square, the heart and soul of the district.

It was one of many clubs that grew in Boston during the ’20s and ’30s, but the Stratis original dance floor, which dates back to the 1860s, was moved to the Doravilles in the 1960s to make room for the new Stratis restaurant, The Doraviles.

Myrles dance floor has a lot to do with what’s going on at the heart (or at the back) of Dorchester.

Stratis was founded by a couple named Robert and Eliza Stratis.

The couple wanted to create a place for people who wanted to take their music, music and dance to a new level.

So, they took their club and moved it to the back of the building and changed the name.

They called it the “back house.”

Stratis, like many other clubs, is still around, but it’s been replaced with the Doravalas, which is also a popular venue for events and parties.

The Doravalans, a new dance venue in Dorchester in 2017, was founded in 2016.

The main room is open to the public, but you can also dance in the adjoining room for an extra fee.

Myrs dance floor is open on Sunday evenings.

In addition to the dance floors, Myrs is also home to a community theater and a free community dance.

Myrules, Stratis and Stratus are all located on the street in Doravile, which means there are no parking spaces, so the dance rooms have to be booked ahead of time.

I also enjoyed the food at Stratis (it’s located at the end of a short walk).

I got the opportunity to try the new breakfast sandwich that Myrlis was offering for lunch.

The sandwiches were a lot healthier than the ones they serve in the Dorvilles, so it was a nice change from the usual, greasy sandwiches.

Strats is also known for their homemade breads.

They make their own bread in their kitchen, and they sell it for extra money on the side.

It might be a little expensive for some, but I love it.

I didn’t get to try a whole bunch of their food, but they do offer a lot.

They also serve free beer and wine, so I’m sure you’ll have a lot more fun at Myrlus.

Stratis and Myrullas dance clubs are both located at 665 West Street, which also happens to be one of Stratis’s favorite spots in Dorville.

Strati, which has been in the area for more than 200 years, has been the home of the Strati dance team for more that 100 years.

They were originally formed in the 1800s, and the Strats were known for creating the best dancing and music of the time.

Today, they have more than 30 members.

The other dance club Stratis owns, Stratus Club, is located at 3 Beacon Street.

There are four dance floors: dance, dance-room, club, and a party floor.

The dancing floors have a dance floor and a dance room.

I danced on the dance floor for a couple of hours, and it was amazing.

The vibe was very casual, but for some people, it’s a bit more

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