How to make the perfect brunch at the Wynn Resort in Colorado

There’s a time and a place for every kind of brunch, but the Wynns is a hotspot for some special occasions.

And for this weekend, we’re going to have some special brunch choices to take home.

If you’ve never been, the Wynnas are a great place to start if you’re craving a tasty meal with some friends.

So make your reservations now, and come join us for our exclusive brunch special on Saturday.

What you need to know about brunch special: • Breakfast special menu for a family of four is $65 • There are five different options for brunch: scrambled eggs, scrambled bacon, scrambled eggs with bacon, egg salad, and breakfast sausage.

Breakfast is served at 9am, lunch at 10am, dinner at 11am, and afternoons brunch is served.

• Breakfast is offered at all the restaurants in the resort and a few are open till 2am • You’ll find a full bar and seating area for the entire resort, including the Wynna Bar • Breakfast includes choice of either a $25 Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary with gravy, or Bloody Mary and gravy.

• You can opt for a Bloody Mary or Bloody Bloody gravy sandwich for $22.95 • There is also a Bloody Burger for $23.95.

• For those of you who want more than just brunch, there are options for breakfast specials for lunch, dinner, and the weekend, with a Bloody Sunday special priced at $37.95 per person.

• Lunch is served from 9am to 4pm.

Dinner is served between 6pm and 10pm.

• Dinner is $59.95 for two or four people.

• The brunch special includes choice from breakfast sausage, egg, bacon, bacon gravy, egg wash, eggs, egg soup, egg sandwich, or egg roll.

• Eggs and bacon are $1.99.

• Beverages are $5.99 for a six-pack of 12.

• Specials include a Bloody Bar and Bloody Martini Bar.

• Bloody Marys and Bloody Salads are $6.95 each.

• Bacon gravy is $3.50 per cup.

• Egg rolls are $2.50 for a single or double.

• Toppings are $3 per slice.

• There’s also a brunch menu for brunch on Sunday, which includes a Bloody Monday special for $37 for a two-for-one Bloody Mary.

• Bites and bites are $8.50.

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