How to play a lap dance for $30,000

A lap dance cost less than $30 for a club in a Tampa suburb, but now dancers in the area say they have to play to pay the bills.

News24 obtained a copy of a contract for a lap-dance that was posted on the dance club’s website.

It’s not clear how much dancers were paid.

The dance is called the “Salsa Dance and Dance Parties” and is a combination of dancing and salsa.

It costs $30 and is offered at nightclubs across the area.

Club owners are being asked to pay $1,000 each to cover the costs of the dance parties and its cost.

Dancers at Dance Clubs Across Tampa told News24 they’re struggling to make ends meet.

They said they have limited options for living expenses and they don’t have the funds to pay rent.

“We can’t afford to go out for a drink and do something for ourselves and it’s really not our style,” one dancer said.

“We’re trying to survive here.

If it’s a job, I’m working, but I can’t get by on that.””

You’re either doing it for the money, or you’re doing it to support your family,” said another dancer.

The dancers have a contract with the Tampa Bay City Attorney’s office and have asked the city to help them make their payments.

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