How to watch the Teen Dance Club season finale

The Teen Dance Festival is back for its 13th season.

But how to watch?

Here are our top picks for your summer viewing pleasure.

Teen Dance Night A full hour of free, adult-oriented dance at a popular Toronto dance club every Sunday night, Teen Dance Nights is a staple of the Toronto music scene.

You’ll find a mix of up and coming artists and old school favourites.

The festival is held in front of the newly-built venue in the city’s west end.

What to know about Teen Dance night, by the numbers: Where: The Teen Dance Club, at 498 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada What to wear: You’ll have to be dressed to impress.

In the event you do not, your clothes are on sale at the door.

When: Sundays, May 19-20, at 8pm What to expect: Free admission.

How to find Teen Dance: Teen Dance, a free, daytime dance show, has become a popular fixture at many music venues in Toronto.

A full-time dance troupe, it draws from artists like Kylie Minogue, Kiki Martino, and Dolly Parton.

A huge crowd attends every week.

If you’re going to watch Teen Dance after dark, you’ll need to be on your toes, as the venue is packed with cameras.

For the uninitiated, Teen Dances are free, and open to the public.

When you watch, the lights are on in a big, colourful space.

If it’s not busy, you can take a photo and tag it #TeenDance on Instagram.

What else to know: The festival takes place at the recently-renovated Toronto Music Centre.

Where to watch: Adult-only, but if you’re coming to the show, there are a number of bars to choose from around the city, including Club Dabber, the new Toronto lounge, The Room, and the Toronto Jazz and Heritage Club.

What’s happening at Teen Dance?

A lot of the music is up-and-coming.

Check out the full list of acts and more information here.

The Dance Company is also a staple at Teen Dancers.

The company is made up of dancers from across Canada and the US.

If the Toronto Dancers are your jam, you might want to head over to the dance company’s Facebook page to see what they’re up to.

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