‘I feel like a criminal’: Mom on how to prevent her daughter’s ‘fear of being in the club’

The parents of a teenage girl who was caught in a police sting at a dance club in San Diego say they want to ensure that they never have to go back to a similar place.

The San Diego Police Department said Friday that a girl named Naeem, 16, and her friends were in a downtown club with around 50 people on a Thursday night in May when they were approached by an officer who tried to take their phone.

Naeem said she was told by the officer that he needed to talk to her mother, who was in the same area.

The officer told her to put her hands behind her back.

Namra said the officer also said that he would call her mom, but the officer did not call her.

When the officers walked away, she and her friend began crying.

She said the officers left and called her parents, who drove her back to her hotel and then to a police station.

After several hours, the parents went to the police station to find out what had happened, but were told that the officers had already left.

After the officer returned, the police told them that they had to talk with Naeim, who they said said was crying and not cooperating.

The parents told the police that they did not have to speak to their daughter, and that if they did, she would not tell them anything.

They said they were told they could not speak to her at all, and their daughter was sent to jail.

The police department said Friday the girl was released without charges.

Nayshree said the case should have never happened.

She told Fox News on Friday that she believes the officers used excessive force because they knew that she was underage and that the police were aware that she had a cellphone in her purse.

Nadeshree’s daughter has been released from jail and has been charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest and battery.

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