Nude club dance clubs, strip clubs and strip clubs in Melbourne

The City of Melbourne is set to ban naked club dance venues, strip bars and strip strip clubs as part of its bid to tackle an epidemic of strip club violence.

Key points:City of Melbourne will be the first in the country to ban clubs where dancers are nude from public spaces, including strip bars, strip club strip, and strip club loungeAs part of the crackdown, all strip clubs will be required to close within 48 hoursA number of strip clubs have already closed, including The Red Door, Blackspot, The Jungle and The Big Booty, but the city will ban clubs that do not have a dance floor.

The ban comes after a Melbourne court ruled that clubs with dancing floors were not “part of a private club”.

A number have closed in recent years, including Blackspot’s strip club and the Jungle’s strip bar, which closed in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

The City of Victoria has also said it will ban strip clubs with dance floors in its proposed new code of conduct.

The ABC’s Victoria’s Nightclubs program revealed last year that more than 700 clubs in Victoria had closed in the last year, with one in four venues in Victoria being closed.

Many clubs have closed over the years, but many have closed because of the prevalence of violence.

The most recent death in Victoria happened at The Jungle in 2013.

A number clubs have been the subject of a fatal attack, including two that were in trouble for drug use and violence.

At The Jungle, an 18-year-old man died after police found him on the floor of a room, naked, in the back of the dancefloor.

The Jungle is located on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD, close to the busy intersection of George Street and the CBD’s Queen Street.

The Red Door was the subject, along with two other strip clubs, of an assault and sexual assault investigation by the Victoria Police in 2013, and the owner of the Red Door died of a heart attack.

In 2014, The Red Doors was raided and officers seized drugs and weapons.

Earlier this year, the club was found to be “hosting an illegal and dangerous nightclub” and had “an appalling history of violent behaviour”.

In a statement, the City of Sydney said it was committed to protecting the safety of all patrons.

“Our clubs and events will be subject to strict safety measures including a minimum of five minutes’ notice, maximum of two minutes’ and the use of CCTV, as well as other measures to protect our community,” it said.

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