San Diego City Council votes to make it legal to dance on a public beach

San Diego, California — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to allow dancing in public beach areas at the end of the month.

The resolution passed 4-0, after two other votes were tied.

In April, the council approved a resolution to allow dance clubs to use public beach spaces.

A second ordinance that allows dancing in the city limits passed unanimously in November, with three abstentions.

Beverages and food and drinks sales on public beaches must be at a minimum of 5 percent of a restaurant’s sales, and public beaches are not allowed to have “non-dance-oriented activities,” according to a 2014 memo from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the city attorney.

This year, the city also allowed dance clubs in the central bayfront, a development that has drawn criticism for creating a “dancing-only” zone.

San Diego is the only U.S. city that prohibits dancing in private areas of public beaches, and most other cities allow dancing there.

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