Stratus Dance Club’s ’80s Dance Club Music Song Goes Viral in Canada

TORONTO —  It’s not just music, it’s all things that have been part of Canadian culture for decades.

The Stratus dance dance club in Toronto, which has been around for almost 40 years, is making waves again with a song that has become the talk of the country.

The song, “Dance” by the Canadian rock band, Arctic Monkeys, has gone viral in Canada and has been played at dances in Toronto and other cities.

It’s been a smash hit.

It was recorded in 1982, according to the band’s manager, Steve S. Thompson.

“The music, the lyrics, and the production and the lyrics have always been about the time period in our lives that we were born and raised,” Thompson told CBC News.

“I guess that is what it’s about, really.”

He added, “It’s kind of like the way we’ve been raised to live our lives.”

Thompson says it was his wife, who was also a Stratus dancer, who first told him about the song and how it would be a hit in Canada.

“It’s really a great song.

It’s really well written and it has a lot of emotion,” Thompson said.

The song has also become an internet sensation in Canada, with some people using it to promote their favourite bands.

Thompson says the band did not know about the viral success until the band came back to Toronto this week to perform.

The band is currently on tour in Canada with a performance planned for Tuesday night at a bar in the city.

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