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Barbie’s new, bigger club: A dance music destination?

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— The latest trend to hit the dance music world is the emergence of dance clubs with a barber pole, hair salon and a gymnasium.The trend has led to the emergence and growth of barbershops in the United States and Europe, which have flourished under the influence of a barbershop culture that includes dancing,…

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Dance club songs that inspire people to dance

Dance clubs are a staple of many American cities.It is common to hear songs that feature people dancing in them.But where do dance music’s dances fit into this list?In this episode of Engadgets podcast, we will find out!Join us for a chat with dance music legend, David Bowie, about his work in the industry.David, who…

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Which dance club is best for your life?

It’s no secret that we love the dance music scene.The dance clubs are full of people who just love dancing and are willing to give it a try.But we also know that we like to find the right dance club to fit into our life.So, which dance clubs should you visit?And which dance club do…