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I know what you’re thinking, what is this, it’s not even a dance club!

Well, I bet you’d never guess it’s a dance bar too! 

This song was recorded in 2009 by the band Teen Dance Clubs, and is now available for free download on the official YouTube channel for the band.

The song, which is called “Breakfast,” features a danceable version of the Teen Danceclubs’ hit “Breakfaster.” 

“I think it’s really cool to be able to share the experience with people, to get to know them a little bit more,” Teen Dance clubs co-founder Lauren Anderson told Billboard.

“I think that’s a really cool thing to do.” 

The song is actually just the tip of a really big iceberg of Teen Dance club music, and it’s likely that more than a few other people who are into dance can enjoy it.

The band’s video for “Breakdown” has been viewed over 7.8 million times. 

“Breakdown,” which features the Teen Dancers, is a song that was inspired by a video of the band in which the band is shown performing.

The video features a group of Teen Dancer’s singing in a bar while wearing headphones, and the band has a great performance on the dance floor. 

But Teen Dance’s performance is the main reason why they’re on YouTube.

“When we recorded that video, I knew that we wanted to make this video for a reason, and that is because I think that people are really drawn to dance,” Anderson told MTV.

“It’s a unique experience, a unique dance, and a unique band, and I just wanted to be there to share that experience with the people who have heard us perform before.” 

Teen Dance clubs have recently been touring the country with their new song, and their first US show, which will be held this Friday in Nashville, is set to be an encore performance. 

As with any band that’s released music on YouTube, there are many other dance-themed songs that are also available.

But the band’s latest track, “Breakbreak,” is a very danceable song.

The group says the song is inspired by the moment they realized that there was something really special about the Teenage Dancers.

“That’s when we started thinking about doing something with the Teen dance, to bring the excitement of Teen dance and make it dance more like it should be,” Anderson said.

“The song’s called ‘Breakbreak,’ so it’s kind of like a little break dance.” 

According to the band, the video for the song was created by a friend of their, and Anderson hopes that the video will be shared by people around the world. 

The Teen Dance music video is currently up for grabs on YouTube and can be viewed for free.

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