The new and old of the dance clubs in New Orleans

When you drive through the city, you may not notice many dance clubs, but you’re almost always in the right place.

If you want to be in the mix of all the different genres and styles of music that is New Orleans, you’ll want to head to one of the many music venues that have sprung up across the city.

And the best ones to hit are the dance bars, which are places where the music can be a little more experimental and the people can have a little fun.

While some of the biggest names in the music world have come to New Orleans to celebrate the New Year and enjoy some of their favorite festivals, there’s also an abundance of people looking for new music to keep them entertained.

Here are five of our favorite dance clubs across the metro area.


New Orleans Bar The New Orleans Bars, a staple of the New Orleans music scene, has been around for almost a decade.

Its a hip-hop/hip-hop hybrid that features local talent on stage.

The bar, which is open from 7 p.m. to midnight, features DJs and live entertainment.

The vibe at New Orleans is laid back and laid back, and the music ranges from soulful hip-hops to rap beats.

The food is a little different than most bars around New Orleans but it’s also tasty and filling, and it’s a good place to get some fresh food in the middle of the night.

The staff is friendly and helpful and you’ll have a good time.

The bartenders are also very helpful and helpful.


The House at the New Orleanians Club The House has been playing at The New Orleans Club since 2007.

The club has been in business since 2004 and features a small bar and a few tables on the main floor, all with a great selection of food.

The bartender has great recommendations and the staff is great too.

They have live music on the weekends, and they’ve even brought in their own DJs to add to the mix.

The house is a place where you can dance with friends, and if you want a little extra variety, they have live performances at night.


Club De Luxe It has been open for about 20 years in the area of West Bank and East End.

The owners have been keeping the club going since the 1980s.

It’s a dance club that’s still going strong and a place to grab a drink or get a bite to eat.

It is a fun, safe place to hang out and it has a good mix of people who enjoy their music.

The drinks are cheap and the food is pretty good, but they also have a live DJ and a variety of food that is also pretty good.


Dance at the Roxy Lounge Dance at The Roxy is the oldest dance club in the city and it also hosts live music at night as well.

This club has a laid back vibe and it is a good spot for people to get their groove on while having a drink.

It has a great mix of artists that are performing, and there are also plenty of tables and chairs for dancing.

The place is a great spot to get out of the house and grab a bite or drink while you’re in the neighborhood.

The people here are friendly and welcoming and the bartenders know how to keep the crowd entertained.


The Bar at the Club Rooftop The bar at the club is the bar at The Club Room at West Bank Avenue and East Bank Avenue in New Orlinians.

The venue is a bit smaller than many of the others on the list but the quality of the food, drinks and entertainment will be a big hit.

The music is always a little bit different than some of those that are around the area, but the drinks are a great way to get your groove on and have a drink in the process.

They also have some live DJs that can bring the music to a whole new level.


The New Haven Club The New Hope is a club that has been here since the 1970s.

The establishment is a nice place to go to for drinks and food, but it is also a great place to relax and have some great music.

It hosts a lot of local and international artists and DJs, so the people who frequent it will have plenty of room to relax.

It also has a little outdoor patio where people can relax and enjoy the sun.

The dance floor is a lot smaller than some other places in the same area but there are a few great dance floors around the city that are great for people who are looking for a little less noise and more room.


The Club at The Stables In addition to being a good bar, The Stable is also where New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson came to play.

The States owners are a lot more open about their business than most of the other dance bars in the town.

The owner of the club, Steve Gannaway, has a reputation for doing things the right way and the fans know that

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