‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star, the real deal!

When she was in high school, a group of friends were going to a dance, and while they were all enjoying themselves, the first to arrive was a boy.

The group was called the salsa dance, but that didn’t mean the dancing was a big deal to the boy.

It was more like, “Oh, we’re gonna have salsa and I’m gonna do my thing,” says Cara Delevingne.

But the moment that the boy stepped onto the dance floor, he was hooked.

“It was so different.

I was totally into it, and he was totally in it,” she says.

The first time she danced, the group didn’t know what to expect.

“They were like, ‘Are you sure you wanna go dancing?'”

Delevingn recalls.

“I was like, I can do it.

It’s like, okay, I’ll be good.”

That’s when the dance club was born.

“We started as an event, but we quickly grew,” she recalls.

The club became a national phenomenon.

Nowadays, there are more than 300 salsa dance clubs in the U.S., with more than 200,000 members, according to the National Association of Dance Clubs.

And they have become so popular that they are featured on the popular reality show, “The Real Houses.”

They also have a thriving online community, where members post photos of themselves dancing, and the members often respond to each other’s photos, as well.

“There’s this thing where I can just sit and talk about it all the time,” says Deleving, who recently starred in a new reality show about Atlanta, “Atlanta Real.”

“I love seeing my friends and how much they love this.

I don’t know how they manage it, but it’s so fun.

It brings me happiness.

I just think about how it’s such a huge community, and it’s just so fun.”

Cara says the dance is all about camaraderie and sharing.

“Everybody’s in it for the same reason, which is for each other.

It can be very emotional, and there’s so much camarading going on,” she explains.

“Everyone is sharing what they love.

There’s not one person who isn’t having a good time.”

It’s a fun time, and Delevingnes life is now full of excitement, she says, adding that she is enjoying the freedom she’s been afforded as a member of this club.

She says she enjoys seeing her friends, who have come from all over the country to watch her perform.

“The first time I came to Atlanta, it was like we were strangers.

I wasn’t really familiar with the city.

I had no idea what to do,” she laughs.

She also appreciates that her friends don’t get jealous when she comes to Atlanta to perform.

Cara is still in Atlanta to attend her high school graduation, but she is getting married this fall, and says she is now a mother to her firstborn son, Hunter.

She is excited to start her own dance studio, and she is hoping that she will be able to keep growing and growing.

“This is the time when you’re in your twenties and you’re making the best decisions that you can,” she exclaims.

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