What is a dance club in Vegas?

Dancing clubs are all over the country, from New York City to New Orleans.

But there’s one that’s a little more hidden in the mix than most.

It’s a dance party called Roblox Dance Club in Las Vegas.

The club is run by DJ Raul Castro, who has been playing his music for the past eight years.

His dance club has been featured in various dance music videos, including the Oscar-winning flick Sing Street.

Now Roblix Dance Club is taking on a new role, and is expanding its audience.

News.au’s Daniel Breen spoke to the DJ to find out what makes Roblx Dance Club different from other dance clubs in the region.

1:00 Reporter: There are a lot of different clubs in Vegas, and a lot different types of dance music.

DJ Rael Castro says his main interest is in dance music, but he also likes to play music that people like.

So when I get into a dance room, I can make a good decision, or at least make an effort.

But, I don’t feel like I need to look for that specific kind of dance.

Reporter: This is a little bit of a weird question, because the DJs usually play the same tunes, but they may mix up their beats.

They may go through the motions of different types.

It varies.

But the DJs are the ones that are doing the work of making the music, and the music is the part of it.

So, it’s a different kind of experience, but it’s still the same music.

Reporter, Daniel Breshad, Las Vegas, US: Do you think RoblX is different?

It’s like having a house party, but the DJs don’t have to be there to make it a good party.

Reporter Daniel Breeze, Las Angeles, US : Yeah, that’s what we’ve seen on Roblxes dance floors for the last eight years, and that’s kind of where it’s been.

Reporter David Ewing, Las Colinas, US, reporter: But how does a club like this perform?

Well, the idea is, you just need to be dancing and have fun.

And they have really, really good DJs.

Reporter James Whelan, Las Pueblos, US I like to say, ‘Look, we’re going to make a lot out of the music.

So we’re not going to get too hung up on the beat, and it’s just a good night to be in the club.’

And they are doing that, and they’re really, super good at it.

I think there’s something for everyone, and I really love it.

Reporter Alex Nesler, Las Cruces, US source News: What is Roblux Dance Club?

Roblax is a music venue in Las Venados, Las Palmas and Las Palms.

The name translates as ‘free dancing’ in Spanish.

You can check out Roblyx on Facebook.

I would like to think that Roblinx Dance Club has been a really, very successful venture, and has grown so quickly.

But what do people expect?

The main thing I think is, people are just like, ‘Oh, this is cool.’

Reporter Alex Whelans, Las Venado, US  I’ve seen people that have come in, they’ve just come in and they have a big dance party.

And then there are the guys that are just in there to just have a drink, and have a laugh, and just chill out.

I guess that’s the big question, isn’t it?

Is this a club for adults?

Is Robl X a place where you can go and have some fun?

That’s really what people are looking for, is a place that’s not overly serious.

Reporter Adriana Clements, Las Condesa, US , source News source News article Dance music is one of the hottest trends right now in Las Cruises entertainment industry, and Roblex has taken notice.

It seems like they’re doing a lot to make sure that it’s not a place you have to dance to for your entire stay.

Reporter Sarah Gash, Las Venezia, US article So, how do people get involved?

Well the way it works is, when you get there, you go in there and you pick a room, and you choose a dance floor, and your name is DJ Rul Castro.

Then you pick your music and the DJs will play it for you.

Reporter Andrew Schmitt, Las Casas,  US, I was really blown away when I saw the videos, because it’s like, I’m in a room with the most talented DJ in the world, and all I was doing was going around the room dancing, just making up random beats.

And the fact that I was able to make up music for myself, it was amazing. Reporter

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