What is the best club dancing song?

The best club dances can range from rock to salsa, dancehall to house, soul to disco.

These dance songs have evolved over time and have grown in popularity.

Here are some of the dance songs that have become favorites in recent years.


Club Dancing: “Lil Pump” by Eminem – “It’s Alright, Ma” by Miley Cyrus – “My Song” by Beyoncé – “Gangnam Style” by Justin Bieber – “The Black Eyed Peas” by Adele – “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Drake – “Party in the U.S.A.” by Taylor Swift – “Wrecking Ball” by Kendrick Lamar – “Get Lucky” by Tove Lo – “All Day” by Bruno Mars – “Blurred Lines” by Katy Perry – “Can’t Feel My Face” by Carly Rae Jepsen – “Ride Like the Wind” by John Mayer – “Boys Don’t Cry” by Britney Spears – “Shake It Off” by Lorde – “No Surprises” by Lady Gaga – “Solo” by Ed Sheeran – “Hands” by Christina Aguilera – “Closer” by Rihanna – “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Beyonce – “Take a Chance” by The Weeknd – “Only God Forgives” by Maroon 5 – “Super Bowl XLIX” by Nicki Minaj – “A Song for You” by Taylor – “Crazy” by James Blake – “Frozen” by Jennifer Lopez – “Love” by Ellie Goulding – “Bad” by Tom Petty – “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Pitbull – “Dancing in the Dark” by Prince – “Runaway” by One Direction – “You’re Gonna Make Me Cry” – “Black” by Frank Ocean – “Lose Yourself” by Ariana Grande – “Piano in the Sky” by P!nk – “Say Hello to the Boy” by Sam Smith – “Go Crazy” by Selena Gomez – “One Love” by Lana Del Rey – “Wildest Dreams” by St. Vincent – “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Lil Wayne – “Do the Right Thing” by U2 – “Break Up” by Zac Brown Band – “In the Night” by Zayn – “Where Are U Now” by Little Mix – “Nothin’ Like You” – by Kendrick – “Eden” by Madonna – “Too Many Cooks” by the Killers – “Never Ending” by A Tribe Called Quest – “Come On Up” – Bob Dylan – “Little Drummer Boy” – Miley – “Feel Good Inc” by Imagine Dragons – “Chandelier” by Calvin Harris – “Hey Ya!” by Bruno – “Hot in Herre” by Daft Punk – “Let Me Love You” from The Weekend at the Beach – “Good Girls” by Whitney Houston – “Mama” by Florence + The Machine – “Jump” by Coldplay – “She Wrote That” by Bob Dylan, Pharrell Williams, and Pharrell’s mother – “What’s the Story” by Marvin Gaye – “Auld Lang Syne” by Michael Jackson – “Everybody Wants Some” by Radiohead – “Everything’s Great” by Arcade Fire – “Happy” by R.E.M. – “Harder Better Faster Stronger” by Stevie Wonder – “Give It Away” by Bon Iver – “New Rules” by Korn – “Everytime I Die” by Oasis – “Back In Black” by Pink Floyd – “Something” by Alicia Keys – “Rolling in the Deep” by Bruce Springsteen – “When You Walk the Line” by Amy Winehouse – “If I Had a Hammer” by Metallica – “Like A Rolling Stone” by Alice Cooper – “That’s What I Like” by Beck – “Dreams” and “Dreamgirls” by David Bowie – “Time of Your Life” by Queen – “Stardust” by Elton John – “Stay” by Led Zeppelin – “Who Can I Dance With” by Jay-Z – “Nothing to Lose” by Nelly – “Keep It Together” by Snoop Dogg – “So Lonely” by Cher – “Me and You” and  “Donkey Wrench” by Pharrell – “Oh Baby” by Guns N’ Roses – “Trouble in Paradise” by Kid Rock – “Be Good” by Neil Young – “Forgive Me” by Nina Simone – “How Can You Do That” from  Mötley Crüe –  “I Love You, Man” by Gwen Stefani – “Beautiful” by Paul McCartney – “This Is It” from Journey – “Summer

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