What you need to know about the Teen Dance Club’s new location in Toronto

It is the first time a Toronto-based music venue has expanded to Canada, with a full bar and dancing venue.

The Teen Dance club in downtown Toronto will be the first Toronto-only location to offer dancing, and its location at King and Bathurst Streets will be in a spot that is less frequented by young people.

The dance club is one of the first in the city to open in the area, which was already home to a number of popular venues, including The Blue Note Bar, the Toronto Music Club, and The Blue Notes.

While the venue is primarily a dance venue, the Teen dance club’s location is intended to accommodate the growing number of people who are looking for something to do in a safe environment.

“We wanted to create a place where people could dance, but we didn’t want to be seen as a club,” said founder and executive director of the Teen Club, Emma Nesbitt.

“We want to make this space safe, but also a place people can go for a drink, eat out, or just hang out and have a good time.”

The Teen Club is currently looking for venues for the second and third years of its new location.

Nesbinit said she hopes to have a space open for the first few months of 2019.

“When we started out, there were three locations and they were not very popular,” she said.

“When you have more than three locations, it becomes difficult to keep the spaces running.

We think it’s time to start to add more venues and we have a lot of exciting possibilities.”

The club is located on the corner of King and Bayshore Streets, which is home to some of the city’s busiest clubs, including the Blue Note, The Bluenotes, and the Toronto Star.

The location has been a busy spot for dance music in Toronto, and Nesbnit hopes the space will draw people in with its location and quality of the music.

“It’s a really unique space,” Nesbit said.

“There are so many cool people that are hanging out here and it’s also a fun environment.”

The Teen Dance bar is scheduled to open later this year and will be part of the larger club, which will be based in a building that is already home for several popular nightclubs.

“If we can keep up with the demand, then we will keep expanding,” Nisbinit added.

“If we don’t, then there’s a risk that we’ll close.”

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