What’s next for dance clubs in Philadelphia?

PHILADELPHIA — The dancing rabbit club is moving on to the next stage in its rebirth.

The Philadelphia dance hall has been on a tear since the opening of the newly renovated dance floor last year, and will open this year.

But the bar is now looking to change the way it promotes its dance events, and some dance clubs are taking a look at the club as a potential replacement.

Philadelphians can still celebrate the holidays with the club on Dec. 31.

But in the meantime, the dancing rabbit will celebrate the New Year by serving up a few drinks and dancing to music from the new season.

The club will continue to host events, including live music on New Year’s Eve, and a “soul-smackdown” in the lobby on Jan. 1.

The dancing rabbit is owned by The Philadelphia Society of Dance, which operates three other clubs in the city, including the famed Philly Lounge.

Its newest venue is located in the heart of the city near the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Society of Dancing is owned and operated by its two founders, who are both in their 60s.

But they said they’re looking for an organization to help take over the club, which is in a unique position to do so.

They’re hoping to have a permanent club that has a dedicated dance floor, a bar, dance events and music.

The society has been in operation for more than 50 years.

The current owners are still looking for the money to open a new venue.

They plan to open the bar in the spring of 2018.

The dance hall’s dance floor was recently renovated and reopened to the public.

It is the first dance floor in the nation to have an all-digital dance floor.

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