When I’m a kid, I was a DJ. Now I’m an Emmy winner for “The Kids Are Alright Show”

A new reality TV show starring a 16-year-old girl is making waves around the world.

The reality show, “The Kid Dancing With The Kids,” follows the story of a young girl who takes up dancing and moves through a series of videos.

The video, which is hosted on YouTube, has already been viewed more than 4.5 million times and racked up over 10 million views.

The star of the show, known only as ‘Tatiana,’ has been featured on national TV and has been the subject of a number of radio interviews, and she is currently a nominee for an Emmy.

However, while her fame has caught the attention of parents, many of her videos are not.

Some of her dance moves have been criticized by parents, including her dancing in a club, and many of the clips are edited to remove any mention of her name or her dance.

However that doesn’t mean that the video is bad, according to one mother who went viral on YouTube with her daughter’s dance moves.

“My daughter is a really good dancer, but she’s not the star of ‘The Kids are Alright Show,'” her mother said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

“My daughter, Tatiana, is a talented dancer and I’m proud to be her mentor, but my daughter is also a very talented dancer who I love watching, so it’s not her style to be in a dance studio or to be out in public.

She’s a professional dancer and has an amazing voice and I think it’s awesome to see her in the studio.”

The series is being produced by a group called The Kid Dances With the Kids.

The group, which started as a YouTube channel, is also known for producing videos that show young people in public performing and doing dance moves, but this time Tatiana’s choreography is not being featured in any of their videos.

Instead, the videos show her in a gymnasium, as well as in a school setting.

“Tatianas’ choreography was not featured in the original videos, but her videos have been edited to include her name and the name of her school,” the statement reads.

“This has been a long-standing challenge for the group, and we’ve been working closely with her parents to address this issue.

It has been extremely difficult to work with Tatiana to make sure that the videos are in line with the original concept, but we hope that the series will be successful.”

While it is not the first time that a young teen has gone viral for her dance style, Tatianas style is unique.

Many young people today don’t dance well and many videos that feature them do not use dance moves or other choreographic techniques.

“There are so many dance styles out there that are not choreographed or performed, and Tatiana is definitely not one of them,” Tatiana said in the statement.

“I want to thank my parents for supporting me and being supportive in my endeavors and for allowing me to be the person that I am today.

I hope to continue to work hard in my education, and my dance style is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The Teen Dancing With the Children YouTube channel has been viewed over 13 million times since it was launched last October.

In a statement, the group explained that they are proud to have made it this far.

“We are so proud of our young people who are taking the time to learn and develop new skills to be part of this world.

I look forward to the day that everyone has the opportunity to be a part of a world where we are more confident, healthier and happy than we ever have been,” the group said.

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