Which dance clubs are best for you?

The dance clubs of Los Angeles are a hot topic among music fans.

Some clubs are great places to catch a show, but others are worth checking out to keep your money rolling.

Check out the top five clubs to visit in the city.


The Grove Bar & Grill The Grove bar & grill in Los Angeles, CA, has a lot going for it.

There are over a dozen dance clubs here, and you can spend hours just dancing to the music or just dancing in the park.

You can even take a cab out of the Grove if you want to.

The restaurant, which has a full bar, offers a variety of craft cocktails.

It’s a great place to meet people, grab some beers and go for a few drinks.

The bar is also open from 10:00am-2:00pm on weekdays and 10:30am-12:00 noon on weekends.


The Red Brick Club The Red Bricks club in Los Angeles, CA.

This is a great bar that’s located right next to the Grove Bar.

It is a really good bar to sit in, as there is ample seating and it has great music.

The DJ’s here are really good, and the club has some really great DJs.

It also has a great selection of food to go with the amazing music.


Club Dada The Red Dada in Los Angles, CA has a really diverse club scene.

There’s so much going on in the club that you don’t even have to be in the area to enjoy it.

The dance floor is large, and there’s plenty of space for you to dance to the beats.

The club has two floors of bars, a dance floor, and a private patio area.


The Beach Bar The Beach bar in Los Santos, CA is a small bar that has a huge dance floor and an outdoor patio.

You’ll find some good music, and they have a few good DJs.

The staff is friendly and you get great food too.


The Belly of the Beast In San Fernando Valley, CA you can’t beat the Beach Bar.

You don’t have to walk an hour or two to get to it.

It has an outdoor bar, a small dance floor with live music, a nice patio, and lots of seating.

It gets crowded sometimes, but you’ll have a great time with friends.


The Green Room The Greenroom in Los Feliz, CA also has its own outdoor dance floor.

The music is good and the DJs are great.

The vibe is nice here and there are a few bars that are on this list that will get you dancing.


The Rock Club The Rock in Los Altos, CA serves a large outdoor dance bar.

The atmosphere is great, and if you like to dance, this is the place to be.

The dancers are all very friendly and the food is good.

The outdoor patio is also great.


The Club Del Mar In Los Alturas, CA there are several bars on this 10-block strip that is known for its club culture.

There is also an outdoor dance club in the corner of the strip.

If you’re looking for a great night out, there are plenty of clubs here.


The Sunset Lounge in West Hollywood, CA The Sunset lounge in West Los Angeles is a popular club in West LA.

It offers an outdoor club with live dance music, plus some good food.

The location is also convenient, and parking is easy.

The lounge is located just outside of the Sunset Park area.


The Big Room The Big room in the heart of Hollywood is a favorite for dance clubs in Los Angels.

It can get pretty crowded, and it’s located next to a lot of bars.

But if you’re in town for a show and want to get away from the crowds, you’ll love the Big room.

It serves a good selection of music and offers great food and drinks.


The Roxy Room in Westwood The Rope Room in the Westwood area has an impressive outdoor dance space.

It hosts a lot more shows than other dance clubs.

You get a great view of the area as well.


The Plaza Bar in Westchester The Plaza in Westbury is a pretty big club.

It features live music and it also has an indoor dance floor that you can dance to.

There aren’t too many clubs in the Plaza area, but it’s a good place to go for music.


The Dixie Club The Dixie in West Orange, CA hosts some of the best dance clubs around.

They are located right outside of Huntington Beach, and because they are in West Palm Beach, you can get some great music in Huntington Beach.


The St. Vrain Lounge The St Vrain is a new dance club located right in Huntington Park.

You will find live music at the club, and that’s great because you

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