Which dance clubs have the biggest online audiences?

A growing number of dance clubs in Australia are raising the bar with their online presence.

Here’s a look at what they are, how much money they make and who’s paying for it.1.

The Dance Club at the Vibram Dance Centre in Melbourne’s west, with more than 100 live bands.

There are about 250 members in the club.

A $100 fee to join will get you in for two hours of free dancing.2.

The Dancing Club in Melbourne, with a capacity of about 40.

Members pay $20 for the privilege of dancing to the songs of their choice.3.

The Vibrams Dance Centre, a dance club in the suburbs of Adelaide, with about 500 members.

Members get a free session of free live music, plus discounts for members who pay.4.

The DANCE-Club in the heart of Melbourne, at the corner of Queen Street and Brunswick Street.

Members of the club pay $30 per session for two songs of choice.5.

The Melbourne Dance Club, a weekly event at the heart-of-Melbourne city of Melbourne.

The dance club has a capacity for about 70 people.6.

The Australian Dance Club in Brisbane, which has about 150 members.

Membership is free, and you can sign up for a free two-hour session.7.

The Blue Sky Dance Club near Brisbane.

Members are given access to two hours free of charge, plus discounted rates for members paying.8.

The Waverley Dance Club on the Sunshine Coast, with 300 members.

There is no membership fee.9.

The Lillie’s in the Brisbane suburb of Mildura.

There’s no membership.10.

The The Drum Room in Sydney’s west.

The drum room hosts weekly performances, and members pay $35 for a two-week session.11.

The Music Lounge in Perth’s CBD.

There has been a surge in demand for live music during the summer months, and now there’s a free membership for members.12.

The Drum and Bass Club in Hobart, with over 300 members, including live bands, drumming classes and DJ nights.13.

The St. Andrew’s Dance Club and Club at Vogue Hill, in Sydney.

There can be up to 10 drummers, plus a drum room and live music.14.

The Club in Newcastle on the northern coast, with 200 members.15.

The Posh Club in Sydney, with 150 members, all of whom pay $15 for a month of free dance.16.

The Kool Gym in Brisbane’s inner-west.

Members can sign-up for two free sessions a week, and can also sign-on for discounted rates.17.

The South Brisbane Dance Club.

There will be a free class every Wednesday night, and the first class lasts for about 10 minutes.18.

The Sunshine Beach Club in Cairns, with 1,400 members.19.

The New Brighton Dance Club outside Brisbane.

There may be up-to-10 drummers.20.

The Barangaroo Dance Club which has a large dance floor, with DJs and dance lessons.21.

The Happy Club in Darwin’s west on the Gold Coast.

There members can pay $75 for two days free of cost, plus an hour of free entertainment.22.

The Rock Club in Wollongong.

There have been a few changes to the membership fee, but there are a couple of things you can expect to pay.23.

The Aussie Dance Club Club in the ACT, with around 2,400 people.24.

The Moo Joo Dance Club of New South Wales, which hosts classes in the evenings and is also free to members.25.

The Temptations Club in Tasmania.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the group’s events, and there are several events happening each week.26.

The Roxy, which in the south of Sydney has more than 1,000 members.27.

The Balinese Club in Port Melbourne, which is a dance music club and offers a weekly free session.28.

The Boca Banditos in Port Macquarie, with up to 150 members who are all paid a membership fee of $45 a week.29.

The Scent of Australia Dance Club from Victoria.

Members receive access to a free live performance every Wednesday.30.

The Red Bull Dance Club located in Melbourne.

There were two events held in 2017 and two events in 2018.31.

The West Coast Dance Club with over 2,000 people.32.

The Royal Melbourne Dance School.

There was a move to move the dance school, which had been in Melbourne for more than a century, to the Goldfields in Melbourne-Westmead, which will now be renamed The Royal Westmead Dance School (RWDSA).33.

The Sydney Dance School, which was previously in Sydney with over 1,200 members.34.

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