Which names have been used to describe dance clubs?

The dance club names have become a catchphrase for some in Boston, as some locals use the term to describe bars and nightclubs.

ABC News decided to test out which names are the most popular in the city.

The names have come from a mix of websites, websites and real people.

For example, the name for one of the most notorious Boston dance clubs, the Backbone, has a dance club on the name.

The name Backbone has been used by a couple of people to describe the club.

The other name for a club in the area is The Spare Room.

It’s the same club that has been described as being haunted by a serial killer.

ABC’s local DJs had some fun with the names, and shared some of their own.

Check out the full list of dance club suggestions below.

The Spade Room has a name, the Disco is an urban legend, the Dapper Laughs is an Urban Legend and the Big Bad Boo is a name that’s been in the news.

But we think it’s a good name for something we do on the weekends.

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