Why dance clubs are not ‘just’ a club

The New Jersey-based Dance Clubs Network of New Jersey, a non-profit that promotes dance music, says the industry has grown at an astounding rate in the past decade.

“Dance clubs are now a staple of the culture in the New Jersey area,” said Stephanie Fung, president and CEO of the group.

“The New Jersey Dance Clubs Association has seen a growth in membership since 2007, and we are looking forward to continuing to expand our membership.”

Dance bars have become a part of the cultural landscape in the Twin Cities area, with many new bars opening up every year.

They are becoming more popular in the Midtown and West Side areas.

“It’s becoming increasingly popular,” said Dancers and Performers executive director Brian Hickey.

“Dance music has become a core part of our local culture.

I think we are seeing a new wave of dance clubs popping up all over the country.”

A DJ from Brooklyn is currently in town for a performance at the Downtown Eastside Dance Club.

Hickey said the growth of dance bars is a trend that’s already happening in the region.

“We’ve had an explosion of clubs opening in the last two years, and that’s really been a huge driver of the growth,” he said.

“You’re seeing clubs opening all over New Jersey and across the country, and I think it’s really become an all-American thing, which is a big part of New York City.”

Hickey believes the number of dance joints and dance parties will continue to grow.

“You’ll see more clubs opening up,” he added.

“There’s still a lot of demand for dance clubs.”

Fung said the dance clubs community is looking forward for a strong year to the upcoming season.

“I think we’re really excited for this year to see an even bigger year of growth,” she said.

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