‘You Can’t Stop Us’: Dance Club owner to be charged for assault

The owner of a dance club in Colorado said Friday he was planning to file a federal lawsuit against a police officer who she says assaulted her in June 2015.

The woman’s attorney, Mike Pichardo, said his client will also file a separate lawsuit against the police department.

The incident took place on June 17, 2015, when the unidentified woman, who has not been identified, was in her car at a party at the Trumps’ Colorado home when she says she was approached by a man who asked if she was married.

“He grabbed my hair and put it in his mouth,” she told CNN affiliate KMGH-TV.

She said the man then pushed her back against the car and she began to cry.

She told KMGH that the man’s response was that she was being a whore and that she had been sleeping with the man all night.

After she left the party, she said she tried to call 911, but police didn’t pick up the call.

The police officer was identified as Mark Piazza, a 10-year veteran of the Colorado Springs police department, according to the complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

The officer allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck and then grabbed her by the hair, causing her to fall to the ground and break her nose, according the complaint.

“The officer then grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled it down,” the lawsuit said.

Piazzas lawyer, Michael DeCarlo, said he filed the lawsuit on behalf of the woman, but his client had no comment.

“She’s been through enough,” DeCarlos said.

“If she can’t move forward, then it’s up to her to move forward.”

The woman said she felt trapped and unsafe at the party after the man began to beat her with a belt, she told KMHL-TV, saying she cried for about five minutes.

The man then pulled out a knife and tried to stab her multiple times, she added.

“I could feel it on my hands,” she said.

She then took off running.

She ran about 30 minutes before a deputy caught up with her and called for an ambulance.

The sheriff’s department has not commented on the lawsuit.

“When I first got there, I thought this was a joke,” she added, adding that she has no plans to file charges against Piazzi.

Pichoticos attorney, Brian Sadowski, said Piazas claim that he had no idea he was about to be attacked was untrue.

“We were there to serve the public and to be able to conduct our business,” he said.

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